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Our Philosophy

Universe Dental aims to provide quality and affordable dental services to the general public.

We strive to provide heavily/fully subsidised basic dental treatment to lower income Blue CHAS/HealthAssist patients whenever possible. Eg Scaling and Polishing or Fillings.

Our dentists and staff always strive to explain all dental procedures and treatment options before we start treatment in order to reassure patients and allay their dental fear / phobia.

We also provide financial counselling and estimate treatment costs for more elaborate procedures.

We are conveniently located in the Bukit Batok neighbourhood with ample parking spaces and also 10 min walk from Bukit Batok Central / MRT to Blk 164.

Kindly refer to location in the map, along Bukit Batok West Avenue 8, Blk 164 and Blk 440, Near  Sheng Siong Supermarket and Multi storey Carpark Blk 154A  and  under Blk 440 (MSCP) respectively.

We provide a wide range of dental services including Dental Implants, Whitening, Clear Aligners, management of nocturnal Teeth Grinding and Bad Breath.

Everybody needs to have regular dental check up, every 6 months, starting from One year old child ; in order to maintain our teeth, smile and oral health to a ripe old age.

We need to maintain our smile for life for both social reasons and also to have a healthy set of teeth to ingest good food and healthy nutrition for better health and longevity.

A healthy set of teeth and good oral hygiene is the important first step to a healthy body as gum diseases caused by bacteria can contribute to heart diseases, stroke, diabetes etc.

Please feel free to call us for enquiry and make a dental appointment.

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